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Curry leaf oil (Murraya Koenigii)

Curry leaf oil

Origin of Curry leaf essential oil:
The curry tree is native to India, today it is found wild or become wild again, almost everywhere in the Indian subcontinent excluding the higher levels of the Himalayas. In the East, its range extends into Burma.

Description of Curry leaf essential oil:
An aromatic shrub or small tree. The tree is an aromatic deciduous one, five meter in height, 15-40 cm in diameter. It is cultivated mainly in homesteads but to a certain extent on a plantation scale.

Appearance: Clear liquid

Aroma : : Curry leaf essential oil is a blend of sweet and spicy, with a bitter tone characteristic of some spices

ColorPale yellow

Chemical constituents: Curry leaf oil has various chemical compounds that include ?-caryophyllene , ?-gurjunene , ?-elemene , ?-phellandrene , ?-thujene , ?-selinene , ?-bisabolene , furthermore limonene, ?-trans-ocimene and ?-cadinene.

Extraction:Steam distillation of leaves

Pharmaceutical uses :

Diabetes : Curry leaf oil is found to be used in the cure of diabetes.
The curry leaf tree contains special compounds that inhibit the enzyme. This means that the rate at which starch is broken down by the enzyme can be slowed.This is potentailly a breakthrough for diabetes sufferers. A patient with diabetes cannot control the levels of glucose in their blood. This is usually because they do not produce enough insulin to deal with the rises in levels of blood glucose that occur after eating a meal or sugary snack. Slowing the rate of starch breakdown, by blocking the alpha-amylase enzyme, can lower the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream from the intestine. This breakthrough could lead to the development of a new drug for diabetes. It may not be too long before the curry leaf emerges as a new innovative medicine.

It has also been found to prevent hair loss and as a means of helping the skin maintain it’s natural pigmentation.

Flavor industry :
The leaf are extensively used for flavoring curries, pickles, soups, chutneys.Curry leaves are extensively used in South India and Sri Lanka. They are particularly used in South Indian cooking to provide a flavouring for curries, vegetable, fish and meat dishes, soups (rasams), pickles, butter milk preparations, chutneys, scrambled eggs and curry powder blends.They are mainly used fresh, but are also used dried or powdered. For some recipes, the leaves are oven-dried or toasted immediately before use. Another common technique is short frying in butter or oil. The main applications are thin lentil or vegetable curries and stuffings for samosas. Because of their soft texture, they are not always removed before serving.In India the leaves are sold in markets still attached to the stem. In Europe they are generally sold as dried leaves but some are imported fresh. It is also an excellent source of dried spices used in western countries. Curry leaf is mainly a culinary plant.

Other uses :
It is cultivated as an ornamental plant throughout South Asia.The wood is greyish-white, hard, close-grained and durable. It has been used to make agricultural tools. Fresh leaves are steam distilled to produce an oil which is used for the production of soap.Volatile oil is used as a fixative for soap perfume.

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